Baptism and Holy Matrimony are sacraments/rites of the Church and are, as such, considered with the utmost seriousness.

Deliberate preparation is expected of those who pledge to be Godparents to the baptized: Parents and Godparents arranging for baptism will normally meet with the Pastor before the sacrament is administered.  Godparents will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to Christian faith and the Christian life and pledge to see that the child on whose behalf they make the promises of baptism will one day be prepared for Confirmation.

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Holy Matrimony in the Church is a service meant for Church-going people and is administered to those who acknowledge the purposes for which marriage was given to humankind: for the procreation of children that they might be raised to love and fear the Lord; as a remedy against sin so that those who are not called to the single life would live honest and ordered lives; and for the mutual society, help and comfort that wife and husband will give to each other in best and worst of times.  The man and woman intending to marry should contact the Pastor themselves and arrange a time to meet.  If all agree as to purpose and intent a series of pre-marital counselling sessions will be arranged during which a date will be set for the ceremony itself.  Purposeful, prayerful consideration of the meaning of marriage and its place in the pageant of man's redemption will be made with a view to giving couples the best means to thrive in marriage in the midst of a straightened world. Our church is a beautiful setting for a marriage service, but we are far more interested in godly preparation for marriage than we are in the service itself, as important as it is.

Under normal circumstances the Priest in Charge will officiate all Baptisms and Marriages.

For more information on Baptism for yourself or your child or for information on marriage preparation at All Saints', contact the Pastor.